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Let us help you with your CUSTODY ISSUE.

If you are currently going through a Utah child custody battle, whether it be contested or uncontested, you must hire a Custody Lawyer to make sure you are protecting what is rightfully yours.

We can help you obtain:

  • Custody and/or visitation of your children
  • The proper amount of child support/alimony
  • Top quality representation at all court hearings and/or mediation

We also specialize in Divorce Modification, Modifying Child Support, Modifying Alimony, Enforcing Divorce Decrees, and Adoptions.

“Mr. Larsen represented me and my new husband in a step parent adoption action.  Mr. Larsen won our court battle against my son’s biological father.  In the end, my new husband was able to adopt my son and his biological father’s rights were terminated.  -S.W.

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