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In most cases, the non custodial parent is awarded parent time with his/her children regardless of the custody arrangement.  There are several different visitation schedules that a party may obtain through the court, each one being different and unique from the other.

We can help you obtain:

  • Non-Custodial Parent Time
  • Visitation Schedules
  • Visitation Agreements That Work With Your Schedule
  • Advice on Parent Time Arrangements

It is very important that a parent obtain a visitation arrangement that fits his/her personal and work schedule.  If the arrangement does not fit personal and work schedules the parent may end up not being able to spend time with the child as frequently as they would prefer.  Only an experienced attorney can advise you properly on all of the different parent time arrangements available.  Attorney John S. Larsen has assisted countless parents obtain parent time arrangements that make the most sense for their situation and help maximize their ability to spend time with their child.

“Mr. Larsen settled my extremely difficult divorce case at mediation.  Mr. Larsen convinced my ex to give me way more than I  expected to receive.  Divorce can work out in your favor if you hire a competent attorney like Mr. Larsen!”  -C.V.

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