Do You Need a Prenuptial Agreement

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Utah County, like many other areas, is seeing more thought going into creating a prenuptial agreement before some couples marry. For most marriages between young adults who have never before been married and are in college or just starting out, this is an unnecessary step. Some couples elect to use a prenuptial agreement because they are the adult children of a broken marriage and saw their parents’ challenges getting divorced. According to leading Provo divorce attorney, there are times that one might be a good idea.


Pre-existing debt

When someone enters a marriage relationship with a significant amount of pre-existing debt, having a prenuptial agreement can protect the other spouse from being responsible for that which was in place before the marriage. They can work together to pay off debt after they marry, but if there is not a legal agreement in place, there is no binding agreement to protect the spouse who was not in debt.


Previous marriages with children

For those with a prior marriage and children, they often elect to set up a prenuptial agreement to ensure that their children continue to receive support, such as allocating assets to the children when they pass away.


Lucrative established career or business

For those who have already established their financial security by either of these situations can benefit from a prenuptial agreement, according to a leading Provo divorce lawyer at Larsen Law Firm.


While most couples in Utah County do not need a prenuptial agreement, for those who do, it can make things easier in the event that the couple divorces. If they have a change of mind and want to edit their prenuptial agreement, it can be done in writing by an attorney. It is important to note that Utah Law states that if either spouse was coerced into signing a prenuptial agreement, it is not valid.

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