How to Help your Toddler through your Divorce

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Getting a divorce where children are involved can be difficult. When you are getting a divorce while your children are still toddlers you are faced with additional challenges. To help you with the divorce process the attorneys at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah can ease some of the burden when it comes to the legalities of it all. When it comes to helping your toddler through the divorce process we have gathered some tips to help you help them.


Explain the Living Situation Simply

It will be a new and possibly scary or upsetting situation for your toddler when your living situation changes. Take time to sit down with your child and explain why there is a new living situation in a way that they will understand. If you aren’t sure exactly what changes will be happening –just tell them what you do know. The more details you can give the more prepared your toddler will be. Be sure to mention the situation is permanent.


Explain the Permanence

Having your child understand the permanence of the situation and how this will be a long term and life changing situation will help them to adapt to the situation easier. Sometimes a parent’s grief can cause them to use soft words that do not give their child the full picture of what may be happening. When talking to younger children it is better to use simplistic language with a clear message.


Let them Know you will Always Be There

Young children have no concept of divorce. The idea of someone in the family moving out is unimaginable to them. Let your child know that sometimes parents decide to not be together anymore. You also need to them to understand that you can never divorce your children. Help them to understand that you will never leave them or love them any less just because you and your spouse aren’t together anymore.


Allow Objects of Comfort to be Permanent

What this means is to allow our child to be able to bring their favorite items of comfort back and forth from each house with them. While they may have toys and clothes that stay at one house and not the other, it is always helpful to have an objects of comfort to take with them to each home. Your child needs comfort and routine through a divorce.


Divorce can be very hard to understand for children. Follow the suggestions above can help to make the transition a little easier. Consulting with the divorce attorneys at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah will help ease the legalities of the divorce. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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