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Often times individuals enter into agreements that make sense at the time but months or years later situations change in such a way that make an agreement unfeasible, impractical or simply down right impossible.  As life changes so should your agreement in some situations to reflect those changes.

We can help you:

  • If Your Divorce Agreement is Now Impractical
  • If Your Life Circumstances Have Changed
  • Modify your Divorce Decree
  • Navigate Legal Complexities

Modifying a divorce decree is possible based on the circumstances and the actual changes that have occurred. However, the rules related to modifying a divorce decree can be very tricky and hard to understand.  For this reason, you should always consult an attorney to assist you in this process.  Attorney John S. Larsen has assisted countless clients navigate the legal complexities surrounding a modification of a divorce decree and has had great success doing so.

“My friend referred me to attorney Larsen to represent me in my divorce case. My friend stated that attorney Larsen can accomplish in six months what it takes most attorneys’ two years to accomplish. I hired attorney Larsen with high expectations and he did not disappoint me. Attorney Larsen is very knowledgeable, efficient and extremely hard working. I was pleased!” -B.W., Spanish Fork, Utah.

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