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Adopting a child is a wonderful experience but the applicable laws that govern the legal procedure behind the adoption can be complex and stressful. Several legal procedures need to take place in order to secure your rights as the adopting parent.

We can help you:

  • Without the need to work with adoption agency
  • Take an active role in identifying the prospective parents.
  • Handle all the legal documents
  • By Representing you at the adoption court hearing

In a private adoption the biological parent’s legal rights to the child need to be terminated before the adopting parents can take control and possession of the child. Furthermore, the adopting parents must also have a certified and trained professional file a pre and post placement home study informing the court as to whether the adopting parents should be allowed to adopt the child and criminal background checks must be completed for the adopting parents as well.

You should always hire an Attorney to assist you with a private adoption to make sure all of the required legal procedures have been properly administered so that the adoption can take place in a timely manner. Let us assist you in your adoption and take away the complexities and stress that are typically involved with the adoption process.

“Mr. Larsen represented me and my new husband in a step parent adoption action.  Mr. Larsen won our court battle against my son’s biological father.  In the end, my new husband was able to adopt my son and his biological father’s rights were terminated.  -S.W.

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