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Often times one parent is left with all of the responsibilities related to the children after a divorce or separation while the other parent somewhat disappears and provides little to no support and/or contact with the children. In a situation like this, the custodial parent (parent caring for the children) may be able to terminate the other parents custodial rights to the children under certain circumstances.

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  • With a Custodial Parent’s Rights
  • Terminate an Absent Parent’s Custodial Rights
  • When a Custodial Parent Remarries
  • With Adoption by a New Spouse

The most common circumstance to terminate parental rights is where the custodial parent remarries and the new spouse acts as the parent to the children, filling the void caused by the absent parent. In such circumstances, the new spouse can petition the court to adopt the children and at the same time terminate the parental rights of the absent parent. Once approved, the absent parent’s rights are permanently terminated and the new spouse becomes the legal parent to the children.

“Mr. Larsen represented me and my new husband in a step parent adoption action. Mr. Larsen won our court battle against my son’s biological father. In the end, my new husband was able to adopt my son and his biological father’s rights were terminated.” -S.W.

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