“Mr. Larsen saved my life and my marriage!“-B.W.



John was born and raised in Utah County and can thus better appreciate the values and concerns of other Utah County residents as he represents them in court.

John graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from the Marriott School of Business. After working in the finance world for a few years, John decided to pursue a law degree in order to better help those around him that were going through hard times.

John attended law school in Oklahoma and after graduating, opened his own law firm right here in Utah County. Since starting Larsen Law several years ago, John has represented an innumerable amount of clients in areas such as Divorce, Custody, Adoption, and Bankruptcy.

John has ample experience as an attorney and spends a great deal of his time arguing cases in court on divorce, custody and adoption matters. John has taken several cases to trial over the years and has had great success in obtaining results that were beneficial to his clients.

Larsen Law Firm takes great pride in providing the best possible legal representation for each one of its clients. Larsen Law is committed to always being available to speak with its clients both over the phone and through email in order to keep the client properly informed and to ensure that the case moves forward in an expeditious manner.

When John is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and four daughters, fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing and horseback riding.

  • “My divorce case went to trial the end of 2013. After two full days of trial the judge made a decision giving me a lot of things that I did not expect. I think the judge did this because Larsen was very persuasive during the trial and represented me in a very effective way. He did great!”

    -J.P. Orem, Utah

What can our firm DO FOR YOU?

Our goal is to communicate with our clients on a frequent basis. Our purpose is to help you control your future. The result is almost always complete client satisfaction!

At Larsen Law our clients never become just a “number,” which happens so often at large law firms. We understand that the client is what keeps the firm alive and we are constantly striving to better our practice to make sure our clients are completely satisfied with our representation and the results we obtain for our clients. Once we become your attorney, we want to continue to be your attorney for life!

John Larsen has ample experience, knowledge and understanding of the legal issues pertaining to your case, which will result in top quality representation and results that you will be satisfied with. We are confident that you will not be dissatisfied with our representation of you and our handling of your case. Read our “Testimonial” page to see what others have said about us!

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