Adoption Requirements in Utah

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Before being able to consider starting the adoption process a person must meet certain adoption requirements. These requirements vary based on the state you live in, the professional you choose to work with, and the type of adoption. Different adoption agencies have varying policies regarding the age, marital status, and other factors of prospective adoptive parents. Utah has laws that set requirements in place as well. Once you have determined you meet that requirement your Private Adoption Attorney can help you through the legal processes of adoption. What are the requirements in Utah?


According to Utah law a prospective guardian must be at least 10 years older than the person they want to adopt. There is also a law that states that a child over the age of 12 must give their consent to the adoption, if they are mentale able to make that decision. Many adoption agencies and professionals prefer prospective parents to be 21 years old at least. There is no upper age limit for adoption. Your Attorney can help clarify any questions and help you know all of the age requirements for the type of adoption you are seeking. 


Marital Status

The state of Utah does not require a person to be married. A single person can adopt. Unmarried, cohabiting couples are not allowed to adopt. If a person is married they must get consent from their spouse. LQBTQ+ married couples have the same adoption rights as any other married couple. If you are married, only one of you needs to meet the 10 years older requirement. 

Home Study

A home study is an overview of a prospective parents life. A social worker usually conducts the study. This includes: criminal background checks, financial information, health records, talking to references, and a marriage license if applicable. The social worker will also make a visit to your home. This visit consists of an interview of the prospective adoptive parent/parents and a home inspection. The interviewer will ask you questions about your parenting style, if you have struggled with infertility and how you have coped, methods of discipline, and what is good about your neighborhood. Once you have passed the home study you become an active adoptive guardian or family. A home study is done to determine if the respective family and home is a good environment for a child to live and grow up. 



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