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We specialize in the following areas of ADOPTION:

01. Private Adoption

Adopting a child is a wonderful experience but the applicable laws that govern the legal procedure behind the adoption can be complex and stressful. Several legal procedures need to take place in order to secure your rights as the adopting parent.

02. Step Parent Adoption

A step parent can adopt a step child if certain legal requirements are met. Just like a private adoption, a step parent adoption is a wonderful experience for both the new parent and child, however, the applicable laws that govern the legal procedures behind a step parent adoption are complex, confusing and can create stress and worry to the adopting parent.

03. Terminating Parental Rights

Often times one parent is left with all of the responsibilities related to the children after a divorce or separation while the other parent somewhat disappears and provides little to no support and/or contact with the children. In a situation like this, the custodial parent (parent caring for the children) may be able to terminate the other parents custodial rights to the children under certain circumstances.

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