• My bankruptcy was complex, I had several businesses involved along with my own personal debts.  Mr. Larsen has an impressive background in finance and bankruptcy law.  His expertise and knowledge were just what I needed to get me through an incredibly “sticky” situation. Thanks John!”

  • "Attorney Larsen represented me on my divorce and with a chapter 7 bankruptcy at the same time.  I couldn’t have chosen a better, more qualified attorney than Larsen.  Larsen knows and understands divorce and bankruptcy law and how the two directly affect each other.  I have not heard of another attorney that has the experience in these two areas of law as Larsen does.  Both my divorce and bankruptcy went very smoothly and quickly.  I would recommend Larsen to anyone going through a divorce, bankruptcy or both."

    C.P. Provo, Utah.
  • "I have been working with Attorney John Larsen for the past several months on a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  Mr. Larsen is helping me work out several financial issues before I actually file my bankruptcy.  I have been impressed with Mr. Larsen’s services so far and I have been very impressed on how well Mr. Larsen communicates.  I can call or email Mr. Larsen anytime and he will always return my phone calls or emails the same day."

    R.J. Pleasant Grove, Utah.
  • "I felt extremely guilty filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  I felt like I was doing something wrong or somehow cheating the system and all the people I owed money to, I really felt bad about having to file.  Attorney John Larsen was extremely understanding and sympathetic to my concerns about filing bankruptcy.  I consulted with John on several occasions and every time I spoke with him, he made me understand that bankruptcy was not a bad thing and that I was not doing anything wrong.  John was more than an attorney, he was also like a counselor that helped me feel like I was doing the right thing instead of doing something wrong.  Oh, by the way, he did a fantastic job on the bankruptcy as well, everything went very smooth!"

    T.H., Eagle Mountain, Utah.
  • “I never knew filing bankruptcy could be so easy.  I literally provided Mr. Larsen with the documents he needed and he did everything else…. It turned out to be a pleasant experience.”

  • “I was really nervous about filing a bankruptcy, I didn’t know what to expect or how the whole thing would work.  Fortunately for me, I was lucky enough to find attorney John S. Larsen, he  was great!  Thanks to John, my bankruptcy was a piece of cake, he took care of everything!”

  • "John Larsen was representing me on a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  However, before I filed the bankruptcy John suggested that we look at an another alternative to settle the debts that I had.  After a few months, John had worked out settlement agreements on each of my several debts and I avoided having to file a bankruptcy.  John went the extra mile for me on my case and got me out of a tough situation without having to file a bankruptcy.  He was great!"

    S.M. Mapleton, Utah.
  • "Filing bankruptcy was embarrassing and disappointing.  I never dreamed I would have to file a bankruptcy.  However, Mr. Larsen was so professional about the whole situation that after the bankruptcy was finished, I felt confident that I had made the right decision.  No one wants to file bankruptcy but, as Mr. Larsen explained, sometimes filing a bankruptcy is absolutely necessary.  I would not work with any other attorney other than Mr. Larsen.  I will refer all of my friends and family to him in the future!"

    Z.W.  Springville, Utah.
  • “I worked with this law firm for the past two years trying to avoid a bankruptcy, however, in the end I was forced to file because of a wage garnishment.  This law firm was incredible from start to finish; I’ve never dealt with attorneys that are so willing to take my phone calls and answer my questions.  I refer all of my friends to this firm.”

  • “I chose Larsen Law Firm to take care of me in bankruptcy due to their knowledge and experience with divorce law.  At the time I was going through an ugly divorce and needed an attorney that understand both bankruptcy and divorce law.  This was the right firm!  Mr. Larsen is easy to work with, approachable and always available.  No regrets with this firm! ”

  • Attorney John Larsen just finished up my divorce case and asked me to submit a review on his performance.  I can honestly say that Mr. Larsen did a fantastic job on my case.  I expected my divorce to be long and drawn out but Mr. Larsen came up with a very creative and effective way to resolve my case in a short period of time.  The solution that resolved my case was original, something I had never thought of, and was downright genius on his part!  I wouldn’t work with any other attorney.

    S.S., Orem Utah.
  • "I have been working with John for about the past few months on a very complex divorce that includes hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets, businesses, etc.  So far I have been extremely pleased with John’s work on my case.  John has a very sound understanding of financial issues and how to deal with business documents, etc.  I have also really appreciated John’s willingness to communicate with me every time I have a question or a concern.  John is great!"

    P.B.B., Spanish Fork, Utah.
  • “Mr. Larsen represented me and my new husband in a step parent adoption action.  Mr. Larsen won our court battle against my son’s biological father.  In the end, my new husband was able to adopt my son and his biological father’s rights were terminated.

  • “I hired Larsen Law Firm based on Mr. Larsen’s expertise in both divorce law and bankruptcy law.  Mr. Larsen represented me in my ugly divorce case while at the same time in my bankruptcy case.  In the end, I got rid of all my debt in my bankruptcy and received a very fair divorce settlement – Mr. Larsen is number one in my book!

  • "My fiancé and I live in Nevada but his wife (now ex-wife) lives in Utah with their children.  We found John Larsen doing a google search on the internet for qualified attorneys in Provo, Utah.  I did not know anything about John Larsen but trusted that he would work hard for my fiancé and do a good job for us.  John Larsen worked very hard and we were surprised how quickly he resolved the case and obtained a divorce for my fiancé.  I would recommend him to anyone."

    Henderson, Nevada.
  • “Mr. Larsen settled my extremely difficult divorce case at mediation.  Mr. Larsen convinced my ex to give me way more than I expected to receive.  Divorce can work out in your favor if you hire a competent attorney like Mr. Larsen!"

  • “Reasonably priced, very competent, excellent communication.  No regrets hiring Mr. Larsen to represent me.”

  • “quick, competent, aggressive, I would recommend this firm to my own mother…”

  • “My divorce was complex, drawn out and extremely difficult for me to deal with.  Mr. Larsen was an answer to my prayers, he was always willing to take my phone calls or respond to my emails.  He really calmed my nerves, helped me understand the laws and in the end, he made a bad situation as good as it could have been.”

  • “At the time I was divorced, my ex-husband and I had paid off our home entirely.  My ex was claiming all of the equity in the home. Mr. Larsen took my case to trial and we won!  The judge awarded me the home and an equitable division of the equity.  I couldn’t be happier!

  • “…The best legal representation anyone could ever hope for…fantastic, impressive, way smart, … this guy really has it figured out!”

  • "My divorce case went to trial at the end of 2013.  After two full days of trial the judge made a decision giving me a lot of things that I did not expect.  I think the judge did this because attorney Larsen was very persuasive during the trial and represented me in a very effective way.  He did great!"

    J.P. Orem, Utah
  • "My friend referred me to attorney Larsen to represent me in my divorce case.  My friend stated that attorney Larsen can accomplish in six months what it takes most attorneys’ two years to accomplish.  I hired attorney Larsen with high expectations and he did not disappoint me.  Attorney Larsen is very knowledgeable, efficient and extremely hard working.  I was pleased!"

    B.W., Spanish Fork, Utah.
  • "At the start of my divorce case, I had hired another attorney that has more years of experience than Mr. Larsen.  However, after about six months of getting nowhere on my case, I decided to work with Mr. Larsen.  My case ended up going to trial and Mr. Larsen did a great job for me.  Mr. Larsen accurately predicted how the judge would see the case and the ruling he would make.  I received everything in the divorce that Mr. Larsen told me I would and then some.  If I had not hired Mr. Larsen my case would most likely still be dragging on today.  I would recommend using Mr. Larsen again."

    H.N., Lehi Utah.
  • “There are good lawyers and bad lawyers and you definitely get what you pay for.  Mr. Larsen is a good lawyer, as a matter of fact, he is an excellent lawyer!  Mr. Larsen is worth every penny I paid him!”

  • “If you are looking for an attorney that will actually communicate with you by returning phone calls and emails, this is the right attorney for you!”

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