How to do Holidays as a Single Parent

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As the holiday season comes ever closer, many families who are newly separated or divorced prepare to face the first holiday. For most, the schedule in their parenting plan divides the holidays between parents, meaning that their ex-spouse may have the children for the day of a holiday. “Facing a holiday without children is hard. Plain and simple. Many of our clients have never faced a holiday alone in their lives, and depending on their extended family, are in a small apartment alone on a holiday. This can bring about many feelings and increase the risk of depression at this time of year,” states a leading divorce attorney in Provo from Larsen Law Firm.  

In order to get through the holiday season as healthy as possible, we have a few tips for those who will be flying solo. 

Make time for self-care 

Going through a divorce and becoming a single parent is tough. Rather than look at the time that the children are with your ex and focusing on that, try to take some time to indulge yourself. Read a good book, get out of the house and do something that you enjoy, or watch a movie that you have wanted to see. If being around friends helps, see if you can set up a “date” with a good friend for a girl’s night or men’s outing. This can really help you re-establish an identity in this time of transition. 

What about losing the in-laws 

In Utah County, there is a solid family culture that frequently includes the in-laws. Many times, these relationships are meaningful, making divorce an extra challenge. If you have a good relationship with your ex-spouse’s family, look for ways to continue that relationship, provided everyone is ok with it. Part of the tragedy of divorce is the loneliness that remains and loss of dreams, family members, friends, etc. 

Make new traditions or adjust old ones 

When a family faces divorce, there is a loss of family culture and traditions as the parties move forward. This creates turmoil for all, especially children. The time immediately following a divorce is a time to heal and find “new normal” and make new traditions. What would you like for your new life to look like? What can you do to build new traditions or tweak the old ones to develop stability in your family’s lives? 

Don’t be afraid to adjust traditions that no longer are meaningful or work for your family. Look for ways to enjoy the time and build everyone up.  

If you are just beginning the divorce process or need modifications, please contact Larsen Law Firm. The first consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer in Provo is always free of charge and carries no obligation. 

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