Making Mediation Work

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When you are going through a divorce you are given the option of having a mediator to help you in the negation process. Mediation costs less money, takes less time, and gives you more privacy and control over the outcome of your divorce than contested litigation. Making litigation work for you is another thing all together. The divorce attorneys at Larsen Law Firm in Provo can help you in all aspects of your divorce. Below we have gathered some tips for you to try when you are wanting to make mediation work throughout your divorce process.


Pick a Mediator that Works for You

In order for the mediation process to work you will need to have a mediator that works for your needs. Some mediators handle specific situations better than others. If your divorce has a lot to do with finances or has an issue of domestic abuse, you will want a mediator that has had experience with such cases. Do your research and be picky when it comes to having a mediator that works best for your particular situation.


Be Prepared

Before entering your mediation you will want to talk to your lawyer to make sure you know what your rights and responsibilities are. Make sure you understand how child support in your state is calculated. Make sure you have gone over all of your financial documents before the mediation session. These items will be brought up and it is better to know what your rights are ahead of time so you aren’t being taken advantage of. Before you start negotiating you have to know your bottom line. What do you absolutely need to have in order to settle your case? What do you want to have? Knowing these things will help you in coming to an ending agreement.


Be Honest

Having a mediator there is your opportunity to be honest and get what you need out of the situation. If you want your mediator to look over all the decisions before they are set in stone, you need to let them know. Stay true to yourself rather than changing your mind and making the meeting turn sour.


Take Breaks

This is an emotionally tough time for you and your ex-spouse. If you feel too emotionally overwhelmed or like you are being bullied you are entitled to take a break. You don’t want to let your emotions get the best of you when you are in a mediation meeting. Instead you may ask for a break to collect your thoughts and get your emotions in check. An emotional argument could ruin the whole meeting.


The divorce process is never an easy one, but having a mediator may help. Consult with your divorce attorney at Larsen Law in Provo to decide if having a mediator is best for you and your situation. For more advice concerning divorces and what your next step is, call our office today.

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