Modifying a Divorce Decree

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Your divorce decree may be a good fit for you and your partner at the time but over time life changes. Life is constantly changing and your home and work life will likely be evolving and changing: Kids move out, jobs or lost and gained, people get remarried or find someone new, or making the move to a new state or country. You may find that your divorce decree is impractical, unnecessary, or even impossible. As your life changes, in some areas, your  divcore agreement should change too. 


In order to get a modification on your divorce decree there has to be a change in your circumstances. If this is the case either party can ask the court to modify their decree. It does not matter who is requesting for the modification, the petitioner in the original case is the petitioner in the modification case, and the respondent in the original case is still the respondent. Once one of the parties has filed for the modification the court will order a Domestic Relations Injunction.  This means the two parties can not harass each other, make non-routine travel with the minor children (if any), change insurance, etc… The party wanting the modification will then file the documents. The other party will be served the documents and will have the opportunity to respond to the modifications if they disagree with anything. 


What is usually modified?

Changing circumstances usually have something to do with children in many divorce cases. One may want a divorce decree modified to change child support, periodic alimony, child custody, or visitation time. 


We know that life is constantly changing and being stuck with a divorce decree that is near impossible can be difficult. Let us, your Divorce Lawyer Provo, help you modify your decree to fit your life now. 



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