Tips For a Successful Open Adoption

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An open adoption can sometimes be a tough and uncomfortable situation. These tips from our Provo Adoption Lawyers have proven to help create the right environment for a successful open adoption for both sets of parents and the child.

1. Remember that co-parenting and open adoption are NOT the same thing. Make sure adoptive and birth parents are aware of this and agree to it that the adoptive parents are responsible for making decisions that involve the child. This should alleviate a lot of stress in this situation.

2. Before the baby is born, set up a plan for how and when communication will take place. Who will initiate contact? How often? What is the preferred method of communication: phone, Skype, Facebook?

3. Choose an adoption agency that will give support even after the adoption is final. An unbiased third party will help if things get tough between the birth and adoptive parents.

4. Take thought for the feelings of the other set of parents. It can be an awkward situation and emotions can run high. Putting yourself in their shoes will help you to be sensitive when a tough decision needs to be made.

5. It is completely ok to be flexible and change the level of openness if you feel it would be best for the child. However, don’t make any decision a permanent one, always allow for the possibility for growth and change.

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