Tips for Creating an Adoption Profile

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Be Genuine.

It is so important for you to share who you are and what you stand for. Paint a picture of what life would be like for your child. Sharing these things is what it means to be sincere and genuine; and that is what these birth parents are looking for.

Your adoption profile is meant to connect you with a few families who think you are amazing, not a ton of families that just think you are alright. If you are honest and paint the honest picture of what life would be like for your child (beliefs, other siblings, big or small town, etc.), you will be connected to the right families.

Pictures and Captions Are a Must!

The pictures on the front page of your profile are usually a determining factor of whether the birth parents will read your profile. The goal for these pictures is to paint the picture of what the child’s life will be like with you, so make sure to choose pictures that will communicate that effectively.

Here are some tips to make sure you choose the best pictures:

· Tell stories with your pictures. What hobbies do you and your family like to do? Send pictures of you participating in those activities.

· Make sure the pictures are cropped and focused so the birth parents can see faces and expressions.

· Cut down on posed pictures, they tend to not add much to your story or personality.

Show, Don’t Just Tell.

Telling the birth parents a story about yourself will be much more memorable and create more of a connection than spouting off facts. Show your personality and values through stories, anecdotes, and pictures.

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