Tips to help you get back into the dating game

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Divorce can be very hard, and it can seem like you may never find another partner again. But once you have given yourself some time to process the divorce it may be time to get back into dating. This timetable is different for every person, some people are ready after a few months and others take years. It can be hard to know where to start, considering you are out of practice. Here are a few tips to help you get started.


Before you start considering dating again you need to do a self evaluation. Think about yourself and if you feel like you are ready to get back out there. You may need more time than you think to get over your ex spouse. It is ok to take your time and process your feelings. Do not let anyone pressure you into dating before you are ready. You decide when you are ready. 


Start out slow in the beginning. It is ok to creep your way back into dating. This could be meeting new people and having a good time. It is ok not to want something serious at the start. Find someone you feel comfortable around and someone who makes you happy. 


When dating, look for warning signs. Think back to your divorce: what went wrong, what were some warning signs, and what did you learn. Getting divorced can teach you valuable lessons about what you want and do not want. Use this knowledge you have to find someone you can truly see yourself with. Be wary of someone that seems perfect. They may want to take advantage of you. 


Being single again can be hard but it can be amazing. As your Divorce Lawyer Provo, we hope you can get yourself back out there and enjoy reentering the dating pool. 

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