Utah Parenting Time and Holidays

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If you are just starting on the path to divorce, Larsen Law Firm can match you with a leading Provo divorce lawyer. When children are involved, setting up an equitable parenting time schedule can be challenging. Wherever possible, we recommend that clients work through their parenting time during mediation and with detailed expectations outlined in their parenting plan. This allows parents a set of rules as they navigate their lives post-divorce.

If parents are not able to come to a consensus for parenting time, Utah state law sets minimum parenting time for the non-custodial parent. This schedule is very straightforward, including the pick-up and drop-off times. As children age, the parenting schedule changes as well, with overnights added. Utah minimum visitation schedule sets forth visitation for 15 holidays, divided by even/odd years, with noncustodial parents getting the even numbered years and custodial parents with odd numbered years.

Utah-specific holidays, such as July 24 and UEA weekend/fall break, allowing parents the time to spend with their children in these geographically and culturally centric holidays.

It is important to remember that the guidelines set forth by the law are a suggestion for families to pattern their own parenting plan schedule. If families agree on another schedule, unless it is one that drastically limits a non-custodial parent’s contact with their child(ren), it will likely be approved by the court.

Often lost in the heat of the moment, is the reality that if parents do not want the Utah family courts involved in their family plans, especially on holidays, it is better to work out a plan that works for them. Some families find that splitting a holiday is better for them, such as one parent with Christmas Eve and the other with Christmas day is a workable option. This can be static or change each year. Others find that that splitting the holiday from 7 am to 2 pm and 2 pm to 9 pm allows both parents to spend time with their children on holidays.

Whether you need help with your divorce or in modifying an existing order, schedule your free initial consultation with a Provo divorce attorney at Larsen Law Firm today.

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