Common Reasons for Getting a Divorce

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If you are one of many considering divorce you might be wondering where it all went wrong. We at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah can provide you with the help you need when it comes to divorce. Our divorce attorneys work hard to help you get through the divorce process. Below we have gathered some common reasons for getting a divorce to help you even further in understanding divorce.

The number one cause of divorce is due to infidelity. While the reasons people cheat are broad and hard to understand it will always end in anger and resentment within your marriage. The lack of trust you now have in your spouse will affect every aspect of your relationship and eventually lead to divorce if you are unable to resolve the conflict.

Unfortunately money has a huge effect on marriage and relationships. If you find yourself constantly in an argument due to debt and/or spending habits you may be on the road to divorce. Having money stress will lead to stresses in all other aspects of your life. What matters is how you conquer the money problem together. If this isn’t possible you will find yourself meeting with the divorce attorneys at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah.

Terrible Communication
A marriage without communication is doomed to fail. Not being able to communicate will lead to resentment and frustration of all aspects of your marriage. Try to take the time to learn and put in place good communication skills that are mindful and respective.

Constant Arguing
If you find yourself in an argument over every aspect of life including chores and kids, you might be on your way to a divorce. Couples who find themselves in a constant argument are most likely due to the underlying cause of feeling under appreciated or not listened to.

Lack of Intimacy
Intimacy allows for you and your partner to become closer and connected on a physical and emotional level. The lack of intimacy in a marriage can cause you to feel like you are living with a stranger or a roommate rather than your spouse. Take the time to put into practice little acts of kindness, appreciation, and of course intimacy to avoid the road to divorce.

With the common reasons listed above, we at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah hope that you can recognize these problems and work to fix them together. If divorce is the best option for you and your relationship you can rely on our divorce attorneys to help you through the process. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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