Divorce, what is it? Is this the right path to take?

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Everyone knows the classic definition of divorce, becoming legally unmarried, but most people that have not gone through an actual divorce do not know everything that happens before, during, and after a divorce. A divorce is a lot more complex than simply going to a lawyer and signing some papers. It can take months or even years before a couple can be legally divorced. There are also circumstances where couples are divorced in as short a month. This can vary due to various situations such as your state’s divorce laws, kids, and settlements. In Utah you can expect at least three months at the earliest, with the 90-day waiting period that will wont be waived unless there are extraordinary circumstances. 


Before contemplating a divorce a couple should do everything they can to save their marriage. There are multiple ways to do this: couples counseling, spending more time around each other, patience with yourself and your spouse, and hard work. Take your time in making this decision, so that no rash conclusions or decisions are made. This can also save you a lot of money and time. 


Have open communication with each other. Talk about anything and everything. Be open about problems in your relationship and other problems in your lives. If divorce is the path that you both chose, make sure to still maintain good communication. This can help the strain of the divorce, and your relationship does not have to become horrible. 


The divorce process can be rough so make sure you are 100% sure it is what you want. Think about the impact it will have on your finances, with alimony and payments to your Divorce Attorney Provo. There can also be problems with dividing property and other personal items. 


There are many factors to consider when talking about a divorce. Be sure to think through everything and make the right decision for you.


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