Domestic Abuse is on the Rise During COVID-19

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There has been a significant increase in the number of domestic violence reports to the police since the COVID-19 outbreak. Unfortunately, this is a global trend and is likely to continue or worsen as the virus marches across the globe, affecting everyday life for millions. Instances of domestic violence tend to rise during stressful times, understandably, but this particular stressor and situation can spell disaster for those in volatile relationships, as they are essentially trapped in their surroundings with their abuser. 

“If you are in this situation, it is important to remember that you can still receive help,” states a top divorce attorney in the Provo, Utah law practice, Larsen Law Firm. Protective orders are considered emergency situations and you can still receive one despite of the closures from COVID-19. While helpful, these orders are but one of the many ways that you can protect yourself in crisis. 

For many in abusive relationships, the first step is to break the chain of toxic thoughts and realize that there is another option. After the realization comes that this is not a healthy lifestyle, one needs to reach out for assistance. The person to whom you reach out should be someone who is trusted and outside of the home.  

Many survivors of abuse find that calling a hotline is easier at first since they are ashamed, broken, and confused. These “neutral’ parties are able to help without added baggage. When you’ve been isolated by your abuser, which is very common, your support circle of close friends and family seem unreachable. That’s the whole idea for them, and unfortunately, it works well to continue their control over their victims. 

Visiting the National Domestic Violence Hotline’s website yields helpful information with resources for those in abusive relationships, friends, family, as well as those who are abusing another person. ( “Please don’t feel trapped and helpless in this time, and seek help. You are not alone,” urges the above-mentioned Provo divorce lawyer. 

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