Forced Isolation is ‘Likely’ to Lead to a Rise in Divorce Cases

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The rate of divorce is on the rise in countries where couples have been forced into isolation together to help slow the spread of COVID_19.


In China, divorce cases have spiked since February, when couples were forced to self-isolate together at home. Scientists are now looking at whether spending too much time in close quarters is good for couples. You know the saying, ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder,’ it appears the opposite may also be true.


Leading lawyers say people being confined together for long periods of time is very likely to lead to an increase in break-ups. A top Provo divorce attorney said that poor communication is usually one of the top reasons people divorce, and these circumstances can amplify our weaknesses, contradictions and annoyances. “For some couples, the more time they spend together, the more they grow to not like each other,” said a top Provo divorce attorney.


“It may be a good idea to take a cooling-off period if you and your spouse are considering a divorce during self-isolation,” he added. Take a look at what your reasons are for divorce. Then, 30 days after self-isolation and quarantine ends- when life gets back to normal- if you still feel the same way, divorce may be the answer.


Leading psychologists say that it is important to remember that everyone needs to make time for themselves. They say balance is key. Find a way to get a mix of time with your family, as a couple, with friends, and of course, time for yourself. Though, you may have to be more creative to find that time, when many are isolating at home.


If you find yourself needing a divorce, schedule a free consultation with a leading divorce attorney with the Provo law practice, Larsen Law Firm. We are experienced in these situations and will work hard to protect yours and your children’s best interests.

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