Easy and fun spring activities

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Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner. The weather is getting warmer and everyone is getting ready for the summer. Kids can get restless and bored, especially when there are spring rain showers that keep them indoors. You can also just want a few minutes to relax or get some work done. There might also be some divorce related tasks you need to get done, with the help of your Divorce Lawyer Provo. Here are a few ways to keep kids occupied and happy.


Arts and Crafts

Kids love being creative and making things. Something as simple as a coloring book and some crayons can keep them occupied for hours. If your kids are too old for that do not worry, there are craft websites and other resources you can use. Once you have found a good craft check your supplies. Starting a craft and not having the right supplies can end in a big mess. 


Get games out

Board games are a super fun way to spend a rainy, wet day. It does not even have to be a rainy day, games are super fun anytime. Get out Monopoly or Life, these games are super fun and they take a lot of time to play. Your kids will be entertained and you can get work done. Card games are also entertaining and fun. Kids also love spending time with their parents, if you could find the time to play for a few minutes. Even if you can not play for very long your kids will appreciate the time you spend together.


Have a movie afternoon

Movies are a great way to keep kids entertained for hours at a time. You could find new movies or stick with the classics. You could even introduce your kids to a few of your favorite childhood movies. If you want to make things seem more like a movie theater you could pop popcorn and make movie tickets. Doing this can add an extra element of fun. 

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