Moving during a divorce

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Moving during a divorce can be stressful. There are so many things that need to be done, on top of everything else a divorce requires. While moving is an important part of starting over and reestablishing yourself, it should not add extra stress. Here are a few tips for making your move easier and less stressful. 


Take it slow

Moving does not have to happen all at once. Take your time if possible. Rushing things will most likely lead to mistakes being made. Taking your time can help you consciously pack what you want and need, while enabling you to get rid of any junk or unwanted items. Moving gives you a great opportunity to declutter and simplify. 


Be organized

Going through a divorce is rough and having to move in the middle of it can be even harder. It will be helpful to your future self if you stay organized while you pack. This includes: labeling boxes, having all materials needed before starting, packing fragile items with protection. And making a clear label that states if an object is fragile. If you have a lot of things to move, hiring a moving truck can help you reduce the amount of trips back and forth. 


Get support

Having people around you that are supportive can help you through this hard time. Friends and family are a great resource to utilize while transporting your items to your new home. Getting help can alleviate a lot of the stress that naturally comes with moving. This Is especially helpful when moving furniture and heavy appliances. Not only will you have support, you get to spend time with those you love. 


Take your time when unpacking

Unpacking can seem daunting at the beginning. There can be piles of boxes to take care of. Carelessly unpacking your belongings can end up costing you more time in the future. If you organize your things from the beginning you can eliminate any unnecessary reorganization projects. 


Do not worry about your divorce, your Divorce Lawyer Provo will help you through it. 

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