Helping kids adjust to a new sibling

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Adopting a child is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in a kid’s life. They can find a family where they fit in and feel at home. While this is an amazing experience it can also be challenging, especially if there are already children in the household. There will be a period of adjustment while the children get used to living with each other. Some adjustments will be longer and harder than others. It all depends on the children themselves. 


When you make the decision to adopt it is usually accompanied with positive thoughts and images. The children meet for the first time and bond, one of them teaches the other how to play a game, bike riding, and so much more. But this is not always a reality. Adoption can be rough for both the parents and the children. The arrival of an adoptive child changes the lives of everyone in the home, and in some cases not in a good way. The adoption may spark confusion, worry, and anxiety in some family members. This can vary due to the maturity, age, and past experiences of those members. 


To help make the adjustment period easier be upfront with your children. If they know the situation they can be prepared and help you in any way possible.  Your other children will need to be prepared to know how to handle certain situations. Some children may have experienced traumatic events. Your other children need to be ready for unusual behavior and the silent starters from neighbors and strangers. Involving them in the adoption process can also help. They can help you buy a welcoming gift for their new sibling, or get the new bedroom ready. This will make the adoption more personal for them. 


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