Helping someone get through a Divorce

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Friends or family members will need a loving friend to help them get through the divorce they may have decided to get. How to properly help them during this time is crucial. A recommendation to the divorce lawyers at Larsen Law Firm in Provo can help them ease the stress of the divorce process. Following the advice below will help you to be the friend they need during this process.

Don’t Give Advice

If you yourself have never been divorced, you shouldn’t be the one to give advice. Even if you have been divorced it doesn’t mean their situation is identical to yours. Giving advice can just prove to be infuriating to the one who is receiving it. Ultimately they need to decide what is best for them at that particular time in their life. All you can do is be supportive and be the one they can bounce ideas off of.

Get them out

Going through a divorce is exhausting physically as well as mentally. The best thing you can do as a friend is give them a break from all the stresses they are experiencing every day. Invite them out to go for a job or out to lunch. Distract them with normal day to day happenings. Having a break from the craziness that is going on in their life will help them more than you know.

Be Encouraging

Your friend will need all the encouragement you have to give. They will feel sad and guilty due to their failed relationship. Remind them often how much you admire them. Let them know how strong they are and how they can get through anything. Be encouraging when it comes to positive life changes that they are making during this time. They need a confidence boost.

Don’t Badmouth the Ex

Even though your friend may call you to vent and bad mouth their ex, it doesn’t give you the right to badmouth their ex as well. Even though they are going through a divorce, they may still have a love for each other. Bad mouthing their ex will harbor negative feelings towards you and make the situation worse for everyone.

Be Honest

The best thing you can do as a good friend is be honest. This may prove to be difficult but it could help them in the long run. If you find what they are doing is wrong, unethically or morally, or they are doing something to harm themselves, speak up! They may get mad at you and harbor some negative feelings for some time, but at least you were there looking out for their safety.

Divorce is known to be hard for everyone involved. Being a good friend can help ease some of the stress and burden. Getting the legal advice you or your loved one needs can be as easy as talking to the divorce lawyers at Larsen Law Firm in Provo. Our experienced lawyers are always there to help those in need during the divorce process. Call or visit our office today for a consultation.

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