Surviving an Unwanted Divorce

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Finding yourself in the midst of an unwanted divorce is hard emotionally, physically, and mentally. Luckily there are ways to get through this unfortunate time in your life. Seeking help from the divorce attorneys Larsen Law Firm in Provo can help ease the stress of the legalities of divorce. We have also gathered some tips to try to help you ease the process of dealing with an unwanted divorce.

Time doesn’t Heal Everything

Throughout this process you will often hear the advice, “Time heals all wounds.” When you are going through an unwanted divorce this advice will not often be true. While time will lessen the sting of this experience, you will always feel some resentment and hurt. Take this as an opportunity to learn, grow, and realize how strong you are as you get through this unwanted experience.

You are Worthy

It is hard not to blame yourself when your spouse is wanting a divorce. The hardest part about being the one who doesn’t want the divorce is the guilt or blame you might feel. What you need to realize is that you are still worthy of being loved and being wanted. Just because it didn’t work out with this relationship doesn’t mean there isn’t a chance for you to find true love in another one.

Rely on Friendships

Whether you cling to existing friendships or create new ones, you can rely on the positivity of your friendship to help you get through the difficult days. Having someone to talk to can help you get through the hardest of times. Ask your friend out often to give you a break from all the stresses your current situation is causing you.

Find Yourself

Relationships, good or bad, can change who you are. Take this as an opportunity to find yourself and try things that you would enjoy doing. Take a trip or find a new hobby. Now is the time to learn to love yourself. Think back to when you were single before this relationship and try reconnecting with the things you used to love doing. Do whatever you can to give you some happiness.

It’s OK to Grieve

Don’t beat yourself up over being sad. This unwanted divorce is a huge life-changing event that is taking place. It is normal to be upset over what has happened. Take time for yourself to grieve. Cry deeply and then let it go. Grieving is a very normal process and helps with moving on to a better place in your life. Give yourself a time limit to grieve and immediately set goals to work towards being happier.

Divorce is never an easy process. An unwanted divorce can be twice as bad. By following the tips above you can find some good in a terrible situation. Seeking the legal advice from the divorce attorneys at Larsen Law Firm in Provo can help you when it comes to all of the legalities of the divorce. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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