Client-Lawyer Relationship

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In any relationship, there often is an expectation from both parties about how the other will or should behave. The expectation between a Divorce Attorney in Provo and their client will also likely follow the same trend. However, due to the sensitive nature of the divorce process, it is important for one to understand beforehand the rules, both expected and legal, that might govern their relationship with their divorce attorney. Here are some of the attorney lawyer relationship basics;

What to expect

A divorce attorney is someone who can help navigate the difficult waters of divorce, as well as, in some instance, someone with whom one can consult in confidence. Lawyer provide a variety of services to their clients, including;

Constant consultations with the client

Educating the client about several aspects of family law

Preparing and reviewing prepared documents

Negotiating settlements

Conducting and responding to discovery

Advising the client on what to expect and on alternatives available to them

Hiring appraisers and other experts


It is important, though that one understands that even in a divorce case, the personal nature of the procedure does not necessarily warrant the lawyer to act on everything. Normally, there are contracts and agreements involved, and the divorce lawyer, unless it is agreed upon with the client, will not act on anything further than what is required of them to deal with the divorce case. If in the process of the case one encounters another legal problem, it might be necessary for them to hire another lawyer, probably in the same firm, with the appropriate expertise.


Lawyers work under strict legal codes of ethics which are sometimes tested in divorce cases. Sometimes in the course of the divorce, one might be tempted to ask of their lawyer something that skirts the boundaries of ethics and professionalism. Lawyers take ethics very seriously and this likely will not happen. Examples of unethical conduct include hiding assets, perjury or deceiving the court or the others side in the case.


Whenever children are involved, sometimes the lawyer might be forced to choose between the interests of their client and their own. Some ethical guidelines often discourage the lawyers from acting against the interests of the children.

The relationship between the lawyer and their client is a very personal and sensitive one, but is also guided by very strict legal and professional boundaries. At the Larsen Law Firm, we make sure clients know all the dynamics of their relationship with their lawyer.

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