Preparing for a Divorce

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The divorce process is messy, complicated and emotionally draining. A lot is involved in divorce, and the services of a lawyer are absolutely necessary if one is to navigate the legal murky waters. However, in the unfortunate even that one has to deal with divorce, it is important to come prepared. Knowing what a Provo Divorce attorney will require makes the job easier and the process much faster. Here are some of the essentials that divorce attorneys will likely require from their clients;

Income statements

Attorneys will likely require income statements or paychecks from al the sources of employment in the past year. For those who are self-employed, then tax returns can suffice. Sometimes, one might also be required to produce the same documents from their spouse. This should include documents pertaining to any business conducted during the past year. At a minimum, the lawyer will also require copies of tax returns for the past three years, both individual and joint. Any other documents that help establish net worth can also be helpful.

Real estate

Documents concerning pieces of real estate either owned together or separately can be obtained from one’s Mortgage Company or bank. Real estate documents also include current mortgage statements and any that are owed on real estate property. Documents pertaining to real estate property initial purchase, as well as tax assessor documents pertaining to real estate will also be required in a divorce settlement process.


Account statements are also useful in the divorce process. Attorneys often look for savings passbooks and savings certificates for both joint and individual accounts. Bank statements going as far back as a minimum of two years will also likely be required.


Details of insurance policies on one’s life, their spouse or children should also be provided. Questions that will likely be asked about insurance include whether the policy is individual or whether it was acquired through one’s employer. Documents pertaining to these insurance policies, including cash balances and loans against them could also be provided.


Divorce attorneys also require the titles and registration papers of all the automobiles owned either individually or jointly by both parties, including farm equipment, boats and snowmobiles.

Other important documentation that might be required includes paperwork regarding debts, pension funds and other related assets.

The amount of paperwork involved in the divorce process can be mind boggling. At Larsen Law Firm, we are always on hand to help with the divorce process and all it entails. Call us with any divorce related questions today!

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