How to Keep Your Children Busy This Summer

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Have all your summer plans gone out the window? It seems like events are being canceled left and right amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Summer camps, concerts, parades and other plans that draw large crowds likely aren’t happening anymore. Which, we would rather be safe in these circumstances, but it still is a bummer for kids and their parents. So, what are you going to do to keep your children busy this summer and still have fun? There are plenty of ideas and ways for having summer fun for most families with any budget in mind. All you need to incorporate is some social distancing and creativity. Psychologists say all your children need is something that engages their mind, lets them think independently and create new friendships.


Now that virtual school is hopefully coming to an end to usher in summer you can look into signing your child up for virtual day camp. If you send your children to summer camps, you’ll notice these virtual camps are operating a little different. But they still provide ways for your kids to be independent, creative and make friends.


You may not be able to make that same summer trip like your family does each year, but you can still find a way to head out of town. Of course, keep in mind the travel restrictions that are in place where you live. You might not be able to travel long-distance depending on state and regional orders. But just getting a change of scenery can have a huge impact on everyone’s well-being this summer. So, head up into the mountains for a quick day hike if long-trips are out of the question.


If taking a trip or joining a virtual camp aren’t in the cards this summer, consider creating a neighborhood camp with other families that live in your area. Parents and neighbors can tap into their hobbies and knowledge to teach kids around your community. Ask neighbors to take turns volunteering to teach small groups of kids (while social distancing) on subjects they know or love.


The point is to keep children busy this summer so they can continue learning and growing in fun and creative ways all while staying safe.


Do you have any great ideas for keeping children busy and learning this summer? Share them with our team at Larsen Law Firm, the Provo law practice.

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