What to do if an Ex-Spouse is not Paying Alimony

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During the divorce process it is common to see the spouse of lower income to receive an alimony. This is designed to limit any unfair economic effects of a divorce by giving continuing income to the spouse with the lower wage. In some cases an ex spouse may refuse to make these payments. Thankfully there are legal options to ensure that you receive the money you are owed.


When this happens you can get help. Work with Divorce Attorney Provo Utah they will help you get what you deserve. The first thing you can do is to head back to court and enforce the order by contempt of court. If your spouse refuses to pay the alimony a judge may find your spouse in contempt of court. The judge will give an order for the spouse to pay the money owed. The judge may make your spouse pay a certain amount of the money on that same day or in a certain time frame to avoid jail time.


The second thing you can do is request an income withholding. This requires your spouse’s employer to withhold some of their income and send it directly to you. Each jurisdiction has specific rules about how much can be taken at a time and what incomes are exempt from the withholding. This allows you to get the money you are owed directly without having to deal with your spouse who is refusing to pay.


If your spouse owes you a lot of money your attorney can request a judge to issue a money judgment against your spouse for the amount owed, including interest. The money judgment is a paper issued by the court saying that you have won the lawsuit and are entitled to a sum of money.


If your spouse has refused to pay the alimony or has missed a few payments, you should reach out to Divorce Attorney Provo Utah as fast as possible so they can help to make sure that the court order is enforced.

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