How to Make Christmas Plans as Divorced Parents

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Holiday traditions create many fun and happy family memories. Drinking hot chocolate, making all of the yummy baked goods, hanging stockings by the fireplace, decorating a Christmas tree. All these traditions bring happy memories and that is what the holidays are all about. After separation from your partner keeping these traditions can be hard. Even some people who have been divorced for a while may wonder how that can make Christmas better. Here are some ways you can spend Christmas.


  1. Traditional Odds and Evens

The father has the children in the odd years and the mother has the children during the even years.  


The pros of this are the fact that the children know that they will see each parent each holiday. This can be comforting for a kid. Also by setting a time that you both agree with can create less arguing and a better Christmas holiday. 


The cons are the fact that spending each day with one parent can be hard especially if the child is used to seeing all of their family on Christmas. A good solution for this can be having your child face-time their family members.


  1. Shared Time for Present Opening

“Mother shall have the Child on Christmas Day in odd numbered years, and Father shall have the Child in even years.  However, the parent who does not have the children on Christmas morning is invited to share present opening together from 8 a.m until the 11 a.m. exchange time on Christmas Day.”


For a child that can be a great experience having both parents when opening their presents.


The only problem is divorced parents tend to have a hard time when they are with each other. It is hard to avoid contention. 


  1. By Mutual Agreement Each Year

“Mother and Father shall confer on October 1, each year, and mutually agree upon the details Christmas Eve and Christmas Day parenting time schedule. Parents shall share the holiday equally unless otherwise mutually agreed.”


  1. Creative Negotiation To Keep Family Traditions

“Father shall have the Children for Christmas Eve evening every year to spend with Father and Father’s family. After Father’s family gathering on Christmas Eve, the Children shall spend the night with Father in all odd numbered years, and with Mother in all even numbered years. Mother shall have the Children every Easter morning.”


Christmas should be a fun time for everyone. If you need any help with anything contact Provo Divorce Lawyer and they’llklh jlh be happy to assist you. 

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