What is a private adoption?

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There are many ways you can adopt. It is important to know what type of adoption you want. Ask yourself “What is the best option for me?” A private adoption might be the best choice for you.


What is a private adoption?

A private adoption is one of the most common types of adoption. It is also called “domestic adoption” or “infant adoption”. Prospective parents looking to adopt an infant often choose this type. In a private adoption the birth parents or parents willing place their child for adoption, and in many cases they are able to choose the family. Birth parents are able to find a family through word of mouth, an attorney or adoption agency, or profile searches. This is why setting up a parent profile is important. 


A private adoption can be more expensive than a foster care adoption. There can be adoption agency fees, home stuy, living expenses for the birth mother, court fees, and other expenses. These expenses can range up to the tens of thousands of dollars. 

What are the advantages to a private adoption?

There are lots of advantages to a private adoption like:

  • More control

You can inform your attorney or adoption agency of what you are looking for and what you are wanting to avoid. There is more flexibility and you can find the right fit for your family. 

  • More access to pertinent information 

When birth parents decide to place their baby for adoption they are usually willing to share as much important information that they can. This can include medical histories, genetics, etc. 

  • Help with paperwork and legal assistance
  • Better access to potential birth parents


Even though  we are seen as a Divorce Attorney Provo, we can also help you through your private adoption. Let us help you build your family. 

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