Tips to help a child adjust after adoption

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Adopting a child is usually a big adjustment, for the child and also for you. Many things will be changing and others will have to be changed. If you have not adopted an infant the child will have memories and history from their life before adoption. It is important to understand what they have been through and what life was like pre-adoption. This can help you be more prepared to help them through the adjustments that come with adoption. 


Pre-adoption preparation

Once you know the adoption is happening prepare your home. This could mean different things depending on the age of the child. If you have adopted an infant be sure to baby proof your home. If you are adopting a child that has already had life history be sure to know a lot about them before they come home. Talk to their previous caregiver, orphanage director, or anyone else that would know the child well. Ask them about the child’s interests, likes, dislikes, fear, habits, and their routines. This will help you know what your need to do to help them adjust.



This will be new territory for the child so be careful not to overwhelm them. Try to treat them like their age, do not baby them. They will appreciate it. Do not scare them, the goal is to help them be comfortable and welcome. Try to hold off on holding a welcome party until they have settled and are comfortable. Get to know the child. The first few months are critical, be present and keep an eye on them. Prove them with a sense of security. Get close and start to build a relationship. If you have other kids have them be as nice and welcoming as they can. It will not be perfect right away but slowly your adoptive child can adjust and feel at home. 


Just remember it is very important of your adoptive child to feel loved and welcome. Be there for them. Our Divorce Attorney Provo hopes these tips will be help your adoptive child successful adjust to their new situation. 


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