How to Talk to your Child about Divorce

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Divorce can be confusing and emotionally trying for all of those involved. The Divorce Lawyers at Larsen Law Firm in Provo can help you with figuring out all the legalities of your divorce. It is up to you to help your children in understanding the process. Children are still trying to figure out the workings of the world and a divorce can turn what they know upside-down. That is why it is so important to talk about your divorce with your children. Below are some tips to consider when talking to your kids about divorce.

Plan your Discussion

Going in with a game plan on what you wish to talk about with your children will help you in providing a better understanding. If you try and wing it you could stray off the main point you are trying to portray to your children. If possible try and plan this discussion with both parents present. If you work as a team with your ex-spouse your children will see that it is not their fault and they don’t have to worry about trying to fix your relationship.

Simplicity is best

When talking to your children you will want to tailor your discussion to their age and level of understanding. Keep it as simple as possible when trying to explain what a divorce means to them. Help them to understand the key concepts in a way that they will know why you and your ex-spouse are getting a divorce.

Don’t Place Blame

Adult problems should never be put on display for your children. While you may have very justifiable reasons for blaming your ex for the divorce you need to keep that away from the children. Keep in mind that your ex is still your child’s parent and you never want to harm their image or love they have for their parents.

Follow up

Kids will often have to be reminded of what is going on during and after the divorce. Always be open to answering any and all questions your children might have. Keeping simplicity in mind, try and answer all the questions in a way they will understand. Most importantly you will need to make sure you are there for them emotionally throughout this whole process.

The Divorce Lawyers at Larsen Law Firm in Provo want to help you in all of your divorce needs. Our experienced attorneys can give you the proper advice you need throughout this process. With the tips above you and your family can overcome this change in your life.

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