Keeping your Kids Happy through a Divorce

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The divorce process is not a process we ever want to go through. It can be stressful and emotional for all those involved, including your children. While the Divorce Lawyers at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah can help you with your divorce case, you will be the one in charge of your child’s well-being and happiness through this process. Below are some suggestions you might want to consider when trying to help your child through the divorce process.


The best way to help your child get through your divorce is to have constant and open communication. Let them in on why you are doing what you are doing in a way they can understand at their age. Ensure them you are doing it for their future happiness and well-being. Most of all, you need to just be there to listen to what they have to say. Help them to understand their emotions and the changes that will be occurring in their life, as well as yours. Communication extends beyond your child and onto your ex-spouse as well. Having both parents on the same page when it comes to your child can make everyone’s life a little easier.

Share Consequences

This is one you and your ex-spouse should discuss. When it comes to rules being broken by your children you will want to make sure you and your ex are on the same page when it comes to consequences. Having the same rules and consequences with each parent at their house will ultimately provide your child with some stability. They will also not try to get away with various things at one parent’s house or the others.

Be Consistent

Your child’s life what just turned upside down and thrown for a loop when you and your ex-spouse got a divorce. What your child needs more now than ever is some consistency. They will have to get used to going back and forth between houses and their schedules need to be expected and consistent. Help your child to transition to their new schedule by writing down what days they will be where and sticking to that schedule as best as you can.

Meeting Someone Else

After your divorce there will be a time when you or your ex will have met someone else. In order to keep your children safe and happy you will want to set some ground rules. Discuss when would be an appropriate time to introduce your child to their new significant other. Make a game plan to discuss this with your child if and when the time arrives.

A divorce is not easy but is sometimes necessary. Be there for your child as much as you can. The Divorce Lawyers at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah want to help you in providing you with the best legal help possible for these situations. Call us today to set up a consultation.

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