Meaningful ways to Help a Friend through a Divorce

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Meaningful ways to Help a Friend through a Divorce

Anyone who has experienced divorce first hand knows how difficult it can be for everyone involved. If you have a close friend that is going through a divorce you will want to give meaningful and helpful support as much as you can. Referring them to the divorce attorneys at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah is the first step. Follow the steps below to help your friend get through the divorce process.

Don’t ask Pushy Questions

While you will want to show your concern for your friend, it is not your job to ask pushy questions about why they are getting a divorce and what led to this ending result. You are to be there for them when and how they need you. They will talk about it when they are ready. Asking questions can just bring all of the hurt feelings and sadness back to the surface.

Don’t Judge

You might have your own ideas about why the marriage didn’t last, but that is not what your friend wants to hear right now. Unless your friend specifically asks you what you think went wrong, keep it to yourself. You weren’t there experiencing what your friend went through or the events that eventually led to the decision to get a divorce. Judgement will only cause more heartache.

Validate their Decision

Regardless of the circumstances, the process can be scary, disorienting, and overwhelming, which can cause him or her to second guess the decision. It is important to remind your friend of the details of why he/she made the choice to leave and all the actions they took to try to save the marriage.

Serve as a Safe Space

When your friend is going through a divorce, he/she may not know where they fit in anymore, especially if they are separated (emotionally or geographically) from family. Always be open to having them in your home and spending time with you and your family. Invite them to family gatherings such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Be there with open arms when they are having a rough day and need a safe space to unwind and vent.

Divorce is life changing. If you have a friend or family member that is currently going through a divorce the tips above can help. Have them schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah today.

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