Rules for Dating after Divorce

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So your divorce is finalized thanks to your divorce lawyer at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah and you are single and ready to mingle. This can often be a daunting thought. With the right mental preparation and some rules set in place you can be confident and ready to start dating again. Below are just a few suggestions of rules for dating after going through a divorce.

· Pamper yourself and take the opportunity to do what makes you feel confident. Doing this will help you to re-discover who you are and what you like to do. You need to love who you are before you can even think about being interested in someone else.

· Do what you love. Having a passion for something makes you more attractive. Nothing is worse than having no passion and being vulnerable. You will attract more dates by doing what you enjoy and having a great time.

· Don’t involve the kids. Having children will make dating scary and difficult. Never use your children to get you dates. Instead you will want to keep your dating life on the down low as to not make your kids feel uncomfortable.

· Don’t talk about your ex, ever! Not only will it make it harder for you to get over them, it will make your date uncomfortable and may start the relationship off on the wrong foot. Instead you will want to put your ex in the past, where they should be.

· Go out with friends. This will give you the opportunity to get back into the groove of what dating is actually like again. This will also allow you to get out and meet new people.

· Don’t sit at home alone and wallow in your self-pity. Getting in a rut is the worst thing you can do when you encounter a life change. Instead, you need to try to embrace the change and re-discover what it is you like doing.

· Try online dating. Most dating sites are helpful when it comes to meeting new people. This also gives you a jump-start on getting to know someone before you actually commit to going on a date with them.

· Do what you feel comfortable with. If you are coming out of a long relationship it might take you a while to get back into the groove of dating. Casual dates or a get together are a great way to start off slow. Only move at a pace that you feel comfortable with and never let anyone push you further that you want to go.

Dating after a divorce doesn’t need to be scary. Setting up some rules for you to hold yourself to could help you to get back out on the dating scene. To help you in getting through the divorce process you can trust the divorce lawyers at Larsen Law in Provo, Utah to give you the guidance and advice you need. Call or stop by our office today.

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