Summer Parenting Time and Parenting Plans

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As the school year winds down, parents are preparing for the 10-12 weeks of summer vacation, normally occupied with sleeping in, popsicles, water fights, and other traditional family activities, such as trips or family reunions. For divorced families, this time can bring added stress as they work to balance plans, schedule activities, and have quality parenting time with their children.

You did address summer parenting in your parenting plan, didn’t you?

Your parenting plan is one of the most important documents that you will agree to during the course of your divorce. It needs to spell things out so that you and your ex-spouse have a common framework on which to establish your relationship as co-parents. Many parents keep the same schedule with their children that they do during the year, with the addition of a two-week span during which the children spend with each parent. Typically, parents should provide 60 days notice to their ex to schedule this time.

What about conflicts?

The world is not a perfect place, and many times, there will be conflicts, especially with family events, etc. Since these conflicts probably occurred during the marriage, with both families scheduling a traditional reunion at the same time, etc., it won’t be a surprise if this happens after the divorce. If you have had these before you divorced, take time to address them in your parenting plan, alternating years, dividing the reunion time in half, etc. It will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Assign a deadline

Some couples, according to a divorce attorney in Provo, assign a date by which the parties must notify the other of their pending plans, such as March 31st. By so doing, you remove the potential battle of the calendars.

Your parenting plan is intended to be dynamic as your children get older

Remember that your parenting plan is intended to make your lives easier as co-parents. As your family changes, so can your parenting time. As children get older, so do their interests and demands on their time. Teens, in particular, have jobs, activities, sports, friends, etc. that take time from their parents. Be sensitive to the needs of your children, and willing to support your children in their interests.

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