Surprising Divorce Trends

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While we have all heard that divorce is all too common these days there are some actual trends regarding divorce you may find surprising. The trends listed below may be surprising but the divorce lawyers at Larsen Law firm in Provo don’t want you to be surprised when it comes to your divorce. Take a look at the recent trends that have been happening lately.

The Divorce Rate is Decreasing

Many people would be surprised to know that the number of divorces is actually declining in the past few decades. This is not because married people are no longer calling it quits. The overall number of people getting married in the United States has declined.

Children view Divorce as a Solution to Marital Problems

70% of children with divorced parents saw divorce as an adequate answer to marital problems whereas only 40% of children with married parents saw it as a solution. How their parents deal with marital problems will directly influence their decisions as they get older and marry

Women are Happier after Divorce

Almost 66% of divorces are initiated by women. Sometimes factors such as child custody and spousal abuse play into reasons why a woman may initiate a divorce. Also, women are more likely to initiate a divorce if they are economically independent and if her social circle supports the decision to divorce. Studies have also shown that the women are known to be content for at least five years after initiating the divorce.

Age, Religion, Education, and Area of Residence all have Influence

Studies show that those who are married after 25, have a religious affiliation, a child after marriage, a college education, and a higher income are slightly less likely to go through a divorce. Even the area that you live in may influence whether or not you get a divorce. Those who live on the west coast appear to have higher divorce rates than those who live on the east coast.

People After 50 are Divorcing at a Large Rate

According to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research, between 1990 and 2009, the divorce rate for the over 50 population doubled. This “grey divorce revolution” may be the result of many reasons. People who tend to marry at a later age are possibly contributing to people getting divorced at a later age. In addition, those who have been remarried are 2.5 times more likely to go through a divorce.

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