Weird and Obscure Divorce Laws

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Divorce is all too common these days. What isn’t common are some of the laws that pertain to divorce that are actually still in place. To help you navigate divorce laws you can rely on the Divorce Attorney at Larsen Law firm in Provo to help you. Below are some of the weird and obscure divorce laws we have found.

* If your pet is more like a child than your property, when you and your spouse separate, you may be able to get a court-ordered pet visitation/custody schedule.

* A California case resulted in a decision that spouses who provide financial support to their spouses to go through college (or a similar form of training/education) are entitled to reimbursement from the court in the event of a divorce.

* If you live in Kentucky, make sure you have your mind made up when you file for divorce. In this state, it is against the law for someone to remarry the same person four times.

* To secure an alimony agreement – an official one through a Texas divorce court – the recipient spouse must have been a victim of family violence OR married for 10 years, have a disabled child, be disabled him/herself or lack the skills necessary to be financially self-sufficient.

* Divorce is not legal in the Philippines, but this country’s ban on divorce doesn’t stop there. In some cases, Filipino citizens who are divorced and try to remarry in other countries may be considered bigamists.

* Anyone who lives in Wichita, Kansas can divorce their spouse for mistreatment of their mother.

* In Delaware, it is grounds for annulment to marry someone on a dare. How likely this is to happen, no one really knows, but if you do decide to go this far on a dare in Delaware, your marriage will be invalid.

* Any divorce that occurred in the state of Nebraska on or after April 8, 1913 between Indians is not only invalid, but also illegal and punishable by law.

* If you live in New York and your spouse goes insane (literally, insane) up to five years after you wed, you can file to have the marriage annulled.

While some of these divorce laws are crazy, your divorce doesn’t have to be. Call our law office today to schedule a consultation with a divorce attorney at Larsen Law Firm in Provo.

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