Surviving Stepfamilies

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After divorce, your family dynamic may seem to be a bit chaotic for a bit while the dust settles. Before long, a new normal starts to emerge for all. Inevitably, one of the parents begins to date, which can throw things once again into a chaotic spot. “Navigating relationships during this time can be difficult for all and requires that all parties re-evaluate their paradigms,” reports a leading divorce lawyer in Provo from Larsen Law Firm.  

There is a lot of information available on the benefits of co-parenting and trying to maintain a cooperative relationship between ex-spouses. There is less for those who come into a family via a relationship with one of the exes. For these men and women, the decision to start a relationship that can eventually end as becoming a stepparent is one that should not be taken lightly. 

Getting into a relationship with someone who is divorced isn’t for everyone. One of the bigger challenges comes when a person who doesn’t have children steps into the role of stepfather or stepmother. Becoming a parent is a process and one that isn’t always the most natural. With stepfamily formation, a person who has little hands on parenting experience may be thrust into the role, often when the children are older, without the benefit of growing into the role as a new parent.  

For those who already have children, there is the added dynamic of blending a family with children who are thrown together and expected to form a cohesive unit. There are often challenges for these families in that often one of the newly married parents has the majority parenting time with their children, so there can be jealousy, bitterness, and resentment from the children who do not live with their parent full-time.  

While all these situations are possible, along with many more that aren’t even mentioned, one thing is for sure, your new stepfamily will have ups and downs. Some studies suggest that it takes up to 7 years to fully blend a stepfamily, and it takes significant and consistent effort. Did you know that there is a fabulous resource available for Utah families and it is free to use 

Healthy Relationships Utah offers classes throughout the state that are paid for by a grant to Utah State University. This organization provides relationship classes to help build Utah families build healthy relationships from dating to creating stepfamilies. ( 

If you are looking at a stepparent adoption or other post-orders changes, please contact Larsen Law Firm. A top-notch and compassionate divorce attorney in Provo will be able to help you in your needs. 

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