When Religious Identity Creeps into Your Divorce

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“It’s no secret that we do things a little differently here in Utah County, especially when it comes to religious beliefs and practices as compared to the rest of the US. As such, in many cases, religion and religious practices come into consideration when crafting final orders and a parenting plan for divorcing families in this area,” states a leading Provo divorce attorney from Larsen Law Firm. 

In fact, a growing reason that couples are citing for divorce in the area is having changed religious views or levels of religious activity. Husbands and wives may feel betrayed or threatened by their spouse’s change in this arena. As this was frequently a common (and safe) ground upon which the family built their foundation, when there are changes, the relationship can begin to suffer in other areas, and couples may find themselves moving toward a divorce. 

For the children, this shift in this core value of family identity can result in confusion, bitterness, and even questioning their own identity. Families facing this shift are advised to seek professional counseling quickly so that they can avoid divorce if possible.  

After seeking help, and if divorce is the only option for couples facing this crisis, the parenting plan becomes more highly charged since only one parent may see religious activity as integral in their children’s lives. With careful consideration for both parties’ points of view, a talented Provo divorce lawyer can help you create a parenting plan that will be best for your family. It is important to remember that in divorce and family law, typically, the winner/loser paradigm is not present. The courts will always look to try and rule for the children’s best interests. 

Sometimes, the change in religious practices or beliefs occurs after the divorce, making a modification of the parenting plan necessary. This can quickly become a contentious topic and couples would do well to work together with their mediator and Provo divorce lawyer to change the parenting plan into one that is more equitable to the children and their respective parents. 

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