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Taking kids back and forth from one house to the other can be difficult. You want your child to feel like both houses are their home. Both parents need to be on the same page. Communication is key. One of the best ways to make a child feel like both houses are their home are keeping certain things the same. Keep clothes, toys, and other belongings at both houses. A child should not have to take a suitcase when going from one house to the other. Not having to cart a suitcase around when visiting will make the house feel more like a home, for some children. For others it may be better to have them pack a suitcase. Do whatever is more comfortable for you child/children. 


When possible try to not let your children categorize clothing or other belongings as belonging to “Mom’s house” or “Dad’s house”. If they have a special outfit that is usually at your house but they want to wear it at the other house let them. Their belongings should just be their belongings. 


When spending time with your child, make them feel at ease and comfortable. This could include helping them adjust to step-parent and step-siblings. Spending quality time together is a great way to build trust and family bonds. Find things your child likes to do, take interest in their life. This could be attending their performance, sports game, art exhibit, etc… Visitation time may not be as long as you would like but you can make the most of it and have fun. Remember to follow any and all specifications and rules about your visitation. 


We want to help you have a smooth and easy visitation. Let us, your Provo Divorce Lawyer, give you the legal help you need. Enjoy spending time with your children. 

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