Unique Solution to Shared Custody in Utah County

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Whenever possible, parents are encouraged to share custody and decision making for their children after they divorce. This can create some logistical issues as they move forward. With years of experience serving Utah County, Larsen Law Firm can help you navigate the ins and outs of shared custody with a professional and caring divorce lawyer in Provo, Utah.

Life from a backpack

Many times, trading off between parents creates a “life in a backpack” for the kids. From a child’s perspective, they’re being moved from place to place, only able to take a few things from each home, and their time with their parent before the switch is often spent with conversations such as, “Do you have your toothbrush, toothpaste, and hair brush?” or, “Hurry and get packed, we don’t want to be late!” They can grow up feeling that there is no place that they really belong, and when they are already in a time of change with the divorce, this can add to their feeling of limbo.

If they need it, make sure that it’s there

Parents can and should make any effort possible to establish a place for their children at their individual homes. Splitting clothes, toys, etc. can go a long way to develop a feeling of security. The only thing that children should have to take between homes ideally, is their school backpack, a security item, and anything else that they need to have at both residences.

Not only does this give your children a sense of peace, it allows parents to spend less time worrying about whether Little Abraham’s toothbrush is in the backpack or suitcase.

An extreme measure, but it worked

One client that we had had an interesting way to address the back-and-forth life of shared or joint custody. They lived in a home that, like many in Utah County, had an apartment in the basement. The parents decided that they would keep the children in the main house and split the apartment. In each “residence,” the parents had a dedicated room and they moved up and down, depending on the custody schedule. This allowed the children the stability of remaining in the same place.

This type of arrangement took significant cooperation, respect, and boundaries. This worked for many years, until one of the parents remarried. With the proper set-up, this might work for other families as they try and balance life after a divorce.

Obviously, this case is an extreme one, and won’t work for many families. If you need help with your shared custody arrangements, any of the experienced lawyers at Larsen Law Firm is qualified to find the best solution for anyone looking for a Provo divorce attorney.

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