Dealing with children during a separation

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A legal separation is a court-ordered alternative for divorce. This is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to divorce. Couples are able to separate and lead separate lives while they are unsure about their marriage situation. Some couples may opt for a separation instead of a divorce, in hopes that they can have a reconciliation. A legal separation can also be better for those that have young children or dependents. Though the parents are separated there is more stability for the children. Choosing between a legal separation or a divorce will depend on your unique situation and circumstances. 


If you and your partner can come to a fair agreement, a court may not have to be involved. Coming to an agreement without a court can save you money and time. This is called an informal separation. Unfortunately it can be hard to come to an agreement that is right for each party. Emotions and tensions tend to rise high and it can. When this happens getting a legal separation is a good course of action to take. 


A major decision needs to be made when getting a legal separation. Who gets custody of the children? This can get ugly, so try to keep your kids out of any deliberations. A judge will help you reach consensus. Unfortunately this may end in a way you do not like. Let us, Divorce Attorney Provo Utah, help you reach the outcome you desire. 


Children will take the news of your separation in different ways. For some kids hardly anything will change, but for others their whole world will change. It may be a shock for them, especially if they are too young to fully understand what a separation means. Be clear about what the situation will be and who they will be staying with. Do not leave anything unsaid. 

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