Challenges Men Face when Dealing with Divorce

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Do you ever wonder if divorce is harder for a man or a woman? We at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah have gathered some facts on why divorce can be so hard for men. To help in alleviating some of the stress we also recommend having one of our experienced divorce lawyers help you with your case. Below are just some of the reasons why divorce can be so challenging for men.


Loss of Identity

Marriage becomes a part of your identity. Along with your career and education, your marriage is an aspect of a man’s life that defines who he is and what his purpose in life is. We are taught socially that the man is a provider for his wife and family. When you go through a divorce you feel as if a part of your identity and purpose has been taken from you.


Challenge of Paternal Instinct

When children are involved it is especially hard on the father to overcome the guilt of divorce. Some fathers leave the picture after a divorce because the guilt is too overwhelming. To overcome this, it is suggested that you make sure you make time for your children. Hopefully your ex is willing to still share the load when it comes to parenting so you can be present in your children’s life. The love of a child can heal even the deepest of emotional wounds.


The Need to Grieve

Men aren’t often known to show their emotions outwardly. When faced with something as hard as divorce they are known to bottle up their feelings and put on a brave face. The grieving process is important and should be dealt with when going through a divorce. It will help you on the path of healing and changing your life for the better.


Divorce is hard for everyone involved. Above are just some of the reasons why men have such a hard time when they are faced with getting a divorce. To help you through the process, the divorce lawyers at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah can give you the advice and expertise you need when it comes to all the legalities. We work hard to make sure our client is taken care of. For more information about out our law firm and our divorce attorneys make sure you check out our website.

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