Signs your Marriage is Headed for Divorce

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Has your marriage been a little rocky lately? Have you noticed you spend more time arguing than getting along? You might be wondering if your marriage is headed for divorce. Before you seek the help of the divorce attorneys at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah you might what to check out the signs we have gathered below to know if your marriage is headed for divorce.


You Aren’t Happy

Being unhappy all of the time is a clear sign that you marriage is headed for divorce. While an argument every once in a while is normal, if you find yourself arguing with your spouse more than anything you are bound to be unhappy and looking towards a change in the relationship.


Negative Interactions with your Spouse

If you were to gather up all of the interactions you have had with your spouse and sorted them into a listed of positive and negative interactions, what list would be longer? If you find that you are having more negative interactions with your spouse vs. positive you might be headed for divorce. Happy couples have an interaction ratio of 20:1 — that’s 20 positive interactions to 1 negative interaction. Conflicted couples have a ratio of 5:1, and couples nearing divorce are .8:1, or practically equal number of negative to positive interactions.


Trying to Avoid your Partner

Do you dread going home when your partner is there? Do you make up excuses to go to the gym or the store for long periods of time just to get away? These are all signs of a damaged relationship. When you want to spend more time with your friends or family rather than the person you are married to, you might want to consider a divorce.


Friends and Family want you to Divorce

Our closest friends and family will have an outside point of view on your relationship. They can often see the conflict from all angles and will do what they can to help you in making you the happiest. If they are continually urging you to get a divorce you may want to consider their opinion.


If the signs above are hitting close to home you might want to schedule a consultation with the divorce attorneys at Larsen Law Firm in Provo, Utah. They can help you in taking the next step of the divorce process.

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