What Not to Do During the Divorce Process

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Now that your divorce process is underway there are some things you need to be aware of, more particularly, things you should absolutely avoid doing while going through the divorce process. Certain actions or behaviors can completely ruin your divorce case and leave you worse off than before. With the help of the divorce lawyers at Larsen Law Firm in Provo and the list of what not to do below, you can know you are on the right path.


Don’t Hide Assets or Money

Once you have filed for divorce it is a bad idea to try and “hide” your money. “Hiding” your money can consist of emptying out your joint bank accounts, cashing out your 401(k), or even selling the house. You could possibly be held in contempt of court and sanctioned.


Don’t Add Money to Joint Accounts

Once the divorce is filed there is no reason to keep adding your hard earned paycheck into a joint account. As you separate your lives you need to separate all of your joint accounts as well. While this may be a process, it will have to be done eventually. The sooner the better.


Avoid Spiteful Acts

When you are preparing to testify in court you will want to be able to enter that courtroom with a guilt free conscious. That is why you want to avoid any spiteful acts, no matter how mad you are at your spouse. Any hateful act towards another can be viewed negatively by a judge. Especially those acts that cause a large sum of property damage.


Don’t Fight over the Little Stuff

If you find yourself arguing about the little stuff pertaining to your divorce you need to quit ASAP. Arguing will only make your case last longer and it is pointless when it comes to the joint assets that you barely paid attention to while you were married. For example, the stuff that has been sitting in storage or in your basement for 10 years.


Don’t make your Kids Pawns

The worst thing you can do is use your kids just to spite your spouse. Divorce is hard enough on kids without you trying to make them love you more than your spouse. Instead you need to keep them away from the drama and be emotionally supportive during this hard time in their life.


For more divorce tips make sure you schedule a consultation with our divorce lawyers at Larsen Law Firm in Provo.

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